Finding Your Footing on Uneven Ground

Have you ever wondered why navigating life seems to take so much effort? Or why others near you appear as if they have life figured out and you don't? What is it about them, you may wonder? Maybe they have a supportive family, or have money in the bank, a good job and a nice car?

While it is easy to get caught up comparing your internal state of mind to their eternal state of being, it's not necessarily comparing apples to apples. It sounds like what you are searching for is more of a guide to this map of life. A key set of tools that can help you navigate through the dynamic landscapes we come across in our own personal journeys.

A moral compass will help you feel confident in the direction you are walking. When you feel lost or overwhelmed by life, a set of principles form a compass that help you feel grounded. They will navigate you confidently through the hills and valleys of human life.

In this series, I go through 12 foundational guidelines for personal behavior that will transform your attitude and perceptions of previously baffling situations. They work to help you remain calm and focused amidst rolling seas and high winds by providing a firm foundation on which you can feel stable.

I will define each principle and discuss how to apply them to your life. I recommend taking your time with each one. Practicing it until you feel comfortable with its use, before moving on to learn the next action.